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Hello, my name is Douglas R. Greaser and I'm a freelance computer aided designer.  My services include computer graphics, 3d animation, and web developer  I'm a passionate computers user of over thirty years.   I'm considered a contractor or a consultatant, but consider myself a one stop shop for all your design and internet development needs.  My goal is reasonable prices & quality services.   

My love for computers and design began back with the Commodore computer back in the early 1980's.  That was the beginning of multi-color monitors & computers.  Since then I've spent good part of my life dedicated to computers using their capabilities to create cool stuff. 

In 1992 I bought my first multimedia Windows(tm) computer and started learning.  The Internet was in its' infancy, I began using Adobe Photoshop, Newtek Lightwave 3D, Microsoft Office, and several other awesome pieces of software.  Today I create almost anything visually, or make a computer do just about anything.  It's been a building process, computer graphics & animation has now over the last couple of decades merged into web development.  Please visit my services & portfolio areas for more information.  I'm happy to help in any way I can. 

In 1994 I started my 1st website.  Web development has sucked me in like a vacuum.  I've become involved in many web technologies including but not limited too - Shockwave, Css, Php, Cgi, Lua, ActionScript, Java, Html, and even more recently HTML5.  Using these technologies along side the design abilities creates a powerful outlet for interactive web designs.  As the years go by I continue to follow what's new and exciting.  There are always new tricks and new ways to design.  The key is to stay on top of technology.  I will always continue to grow in my talents.  My wish is to grow with you & your company, building a relationship which will last well into the future.

As time goes on I've learned how to adapt my talents by continually supplementing by learning new programs, software, and technologies that add to these main areas of interest.  My abilities in continue to grow.   It is my ongoing ambition to develope high quality work at reasonable prices.  I have confidence and knowledge, and strive to know how help my people through the maze of present & future technologies while designing amazing stuff.  I will continually focus on design cross platform integrity and creating the best experience possible for the end user. 

I pride myself on quality, and being able to give every one of my clients personal, and individualized attention.  I want to build a mutually collaborative relationship with you.  I have a personal investment in you, and I will treat each person or company I design for with special care, attention to detail, and offer only my highest quality of work.

Please take a few minutes to browse my website to see if I can help you.  Here is my portfolio and services pages.   I appreciate your time.  Thank you and hope we talk soon.


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Web Design
Offering a wide range of services in website design, and internet development. Specializing in creating custom layouts.

Image manipulation, photo editing, banners, ads, logos, custom art, layouts, vectors,  and branding are just a few areas of this category.

Do you have any products, art pieces, places, business, or any thing else that needs professionally captured digital images taken?

One of the best ways of trying to capture a viewers attention is by using moving animations. You might be amazed what's possible.

Are you interested?  Learn more by viewing some past projects I'm proud of.

With over thirty years of computer aided knowledge I offer clients a wide range of professional services.

Would you like to email me, request a quote, setup an appointment, or just say hello.  Please contact me anytime.  Thank you.

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